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Experts in the arts agree…

“I have been utilizing M&I for our costume needs since we started our winter program in 2004. M&I has always been helpful and accommodating, and had consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that when our kids take the floor their costumes look fantastic and fit impeccably. We have partnered on many occasions to create custom looks for each member and they have spent many hours with us to ensure that every thing was executed perfectly. The attention to detail, the unequalled customer service, and the timely delivery of our uniforms season after season makes M&I my first choice and only when it comes to costuming our group.”

Louis Hellinger
Director, West Orange HS

“M&I Dancewear has done an amazing job at bringing small personal uniform business into big WGI. Plain and simple..they just care. They care about me as a designer. They care about the performers. They care about the directors I work with. When they care enough to call me on a Saturday after a show to see how the kids did, that is going way above and beyond. From getting idea sketches back in 24hrs to overnighting uniforms because they want the kids to look great at their first show. With M&I Dancewear I get personal support…I get ideas from their staff that know the activity….I get uniforms when I need them…I get what I want..I get the uniform company that I have always needed.

They get it…I get it…shouldn’t you get it?”

Mark Reynolds

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